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Today customers want instant multi-channel communication. Phone, Email and Fax just does not cut it anymore. Your leads a "buzzing" all around you and they want to text, web chat, Google My Business chat, Facebook Messenger, email, and Instagram Message. Funnel them to one unified messaging box for 2-way conversations on your cell phone.


Now I am always a click away

"Before Automation I was constantly behind on my follow up list, apologizing for a slow response"


Higher Revenues, Lower Expenses

"Automation gave us better financial results.

Customers are delighted and our sales team is more energized

Automated Sales Cycle

Leveraging Digital Robots, be there when and where you customers want to talk to you. With our "All-in-One" solution capture your lost leads, nurture them with your messages, and convert them into customers freeing your team up from the routine tasks. Rejuvenate your old leads with follow messaging to restart the relationship. Capture referrals, request reviews, and follow up for upsells with automation doing the work, freeing your team to delight customers.


You are creating leads everyday just by being in business. Impressions are made but without a process to capture them they melt away.

Our solution:

  • Make connections in the cloud to funnel all the traffic to one inbox on your phone or have a robot respond for you to scoop up that lead
  • Automatically record those contacts in a CRM to keep track of who and what was said


With Automation we can continue the conversation to develop the relationship.

Our solution:

  • Use Digital Robots who never forget or fall behind, follow up at just the right moments to keep the ball rolling with the lead on the way to becoming a customer
  • Make the call for you or set up the meeting exactly when you want saving you and your team from having to remember. You will be on it!
  • Smart Phone App to follow all your communications in one inbox


The key to growth is increase your closing opportunities. If you take more swings, you will sell more business. With digital robots getting the leads ready to buy, they can also set the appoint so you and your team can focus on the lead to turn them into customers.

With the appointment scheduler, you will see:

  • Synch all of your calendars to eliminate conflicts
  • AI machine learning to negotiate a meeting time
  • Robot reminders to minimize missed appointments


If you have scooped up all the free leads buzzing around you, and if you want more growth, using campaigns, you can send out messaging to attract new leads. Your robot can use email, SMS text, voicemail drops and even dial the phone for you for your cold calling. The robot will keep track of results so we can do more of what works and less of what does not work.

  • Fill your team's calendar with interested leads looking to buy.
  • Free or paid lists, advertising, or natural networking your robot will follow them all the way to becoming a customer so you can spend your time delighting customers.

How to get your own Robot


Pick the plan for you below


Complete your 1 on 1 onboarding


Start Closing More New Customers

Monthly Pricing

+Setup Fee (1 Month)



  • 2-Way Text & Email Conversations

  • Google GMB Messaging

  • Website Chat Bot to text

  • Reputation Management

  • Facebook Messenger

  • GMB Call Tracking

  • Missed Call Text-back

  • Text to Pay

  • Smart Phone App Inbox

$10 monthly credits for:

• SMS (635 texts) or

• Phone calls (357 mins) or

• Email (7,405 emails).



  • Everything in Communicate +

  • CRM (customer relationship software)

  • Opportunity Pipelines

  • Calendars

  • Automated Appointment Bookings

  • Email Marketing

$25 monthly credits for:

• SMS (1,588 texts) or

• Phone calls (893 mins) or

• Email (18,513 emails)



  • Everything in Capture +

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Forms and Surveys

  • Website

  • HTML Builder

  • Automated workflows

  • Campaigns

$50 monthly credits for:

• SMS (3,176 texts) or

• Phone calls (1,786 mins) or

• Email (37,026 emails)


Talking to More People

"I never realized how many leads we were missing out on. There are so many different ways people communicate with you. Now we can catch them all."


Leveling the Playing Field

"We were looking to see how we could leverage automation technology like the large companies like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix."

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